Photo Alignment Equipment —— LCD Cell Process



The SPA200 series photo-alignment equipment is mainly applied to the alignment process of IPS TFT-LCD high-end screen, which can replace the traditional rubbing alignment modes. The SPA200 can meet the requirements for the alignment process in the production line of G4.5, G5, G6 or higher generations.
   Product Features

● Excellent Optical Uniformity

● Precise Polarization Angle Control

● Improved Thermal Control

● Excellent Stage Performance

Mode SPA245 SPA255
Wavelength 254nm/ 313nm/ 365nm 254nm/ 313nm/ 365nm
Polarization Angle Accuracy ±0.08° ±0.08°
Illumination Uniformity < 5% < 5%
Plate Size 730mm×920mm 1100mm×1300mm