Laser Annealing Equipment —— IGBT Backside Annealing Process



The SLD Laser Annealing products provide solutions to fabricate power devices for transportation & consumer electronics with backside laser annealing capability. The SLD500 is designed for Si-IGBT. The SLD300 is designed for SiC-MOSFET.
   Product Features

● High Precision Stage System

● Flexible Substrate Applications

● Rich Application Experience

● Excellent Optical System

● Precise Thermal Effect Control

● Low COO

 Model  SLD500  SLD300
Wafer Size  6"/8"/12" Wafer (Si)  2"/4"/6" WaferSiC
Wafer Thickness

50μm≤ Taiko≤ 150μm

150μm≤ Non-Taiko≤ 800μm

800μm≤ Bonding≤ 1200μm

Scanning Mode  Scan & Step   Scan & Step
Activation Depth  ≥3μm (≥4μm Option) /