300 Series Stepper —— LED/ MEMS/ Power Devices




SSB300 series projection stepper is designed for small and medium substrates (≤6 inch) applied in advanced lithography areas. It meets single or double-sided lithography process requirements in HB-LED, MEMS and power devices.
   Product Features

● Resolution up to 0.8μm

● Fast and online mapping tech

● Precise stitching

● Self- adaption switching between different substrates

● High throughput

● Precise overlay

● Perfectly match with aligner

 Model  SSB300  SSB320  SSB380
 Resolution  0.8μm 2μm 1.5μm
 Light Source  i-line mercury lamp  i-line mercury lamp  i-line mercury lamp
 Substrate Size 100/150 mm 100/150 mm 100/150 mm
 Remark  LED PAD and PSS Process  LED PAD Process LED PAD Process


 Backside alignment and variable slit

 Backside alignment and variable slit

 Backside alignment and variable slit