Since foundation, SMEE has attached great importance to technological innovation and IPR protection of innovative solutions. We respect IPR and all the creative achievements that promote technological progress in the field.

To this end, SMEE has established procedures and management and organizational system for technological innovation during the product development process and IPR protection. And in 2015, the company has passed through the certification of national standard (Enterprise intellectual property management, also known as GB/T29490-2013). It covers the whole process of pre-research, design, manufacture and market delivery.

Through the development of technological innovation and IPR strategy, SMEE has enhanced the performance of its products, realized leading technology and IPR protection. Through an effective risk control system, we have protected the legitimacy of IPR on product technology and application, and won customer trust on the products and service.

As of March 2020, SMEE has more than 3200 patents and patent applications. At the same time, we further integrate and share a large number of intellectual IPR resources of the alliance members through the construction and participation in the industry intellectual property rights alliance, covering major sales areas.